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21 & Finding yourself

18 alone is such a young age to know what we wanna do for the rest of our lives and find out who we are. Let alone 21 when you’re able to buy a drink and really step foot into what I like to call “adulting.” While I’m still on the journey to finding my own self I’m enjoying the ride, which is important as well because everything you’ve went through and everything you’ve overcome is a part of the person you are today.

One of the first steps I took to begin this journey was to cut out all the negative in my life. I literally erased all of my contacts and started fresh. What do I mean when I say cut out all the negative? It’s the people around you who don’t help you grow in anyway, the people that are constantly dragging you down, the ones who put doubt in your head, the dream stealers. The ones who have so many opinions about your life but are in the same place they were last year.

My personal experience with this is when I graduated high school and I started to party every weekend. It was lots of fun, but I’ve always felt this emptiness in my soul because I felt I wasn’t living life to its fullest, I wasn’t reaching my full potential. It was cool and all, but it came to a point where I became tired of doing the same thing, different day. I asked myself “The actions I’m taking right now, is it going to benefit me in the future?” The answer was,“Absolutely not!” That’s when I knew I had to make a change for the better and do something different if I expected different results. That concluded with me having to keep my distance from those who decided to keep doing what they were doing.

Some people are okay with living a mediocre life, but I sure wasn’t. I always knew there was more to life. I had this picture in my head that I retired my parents and my whole family was living good without a worry just traveling around the world. My work is yet to be done, so I MUST keep going. If you ever feel like there’s more you could be doing with your life chances are you’re 100% right. So, get in tune with yourself and try to find your inner peace. Distance yourself for a bit to focus on you, educate yourself on personal development and watch you surprise yourself with abilities you’ve never known you have because of self doubt.

Remember I share my story because someone out there needs to hear this.

~ Layla C

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