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Sometimes the place you are born and raised can swallow you up or it can make you want to break your family cycle and come back and help others.
I am V. Christopher Lane. I was born and raised in the Midtown section of Gary, Indiana. I have seen it all. It can either be good or bad, but one thing I knew at an early age is that I was going be someone that made the Natives of G.I proud.
Today’s Virtual Comeback is about a very close and personal Friend/Family member of mine named “OC”. Growing up I knew him as “MeBleed”.
The Bad Politicans, Poverty Polluted Streets, Crooked Cops & the once known “Murder Cap” City itself can make your direction go left into crime on those streets, or it can make you go right and not be a statistic.
“OC” is making the best of his situation that is handed to him by being apart of a huge movement, starring in a movie with “Peoples” from Shaft to writing music all while being a model inmate, handling his time well, looking forward to getting out and making a difference with his life as well as others.
This is a Q&A I had with Milan “OC” Blakely.
1. What is your full name and birth date?

Milan Blakely, but you can call me O.C
May 1

2. Give me a little about your Family background?

I grew up in a single parent household with myself, the youngest, and two other siblings in which we all had different fathers. My father and I didn’t have the gift of a closely knitted relationship growing up. However, my mom passed, but not without sharing her love and penmanship for gospel plays, in which she would always try her hardest to include me in despite my course of decisions. She did not leave this earth without proper planting her beliefs in me. Needless to say her passing birthed a closer relationship between my father and I a little later on after. My father and I still hold that bond until this day.

3. How was it growing up in Gary, IN and what was your childhood like?

I grew up on West 22nd and moved to West 25th at the age of 11, therefore, I endured a lot of my trials and tribulations as a Quarter Boy. For those who don’t know this was the birth place of Michael Jackson and the Jackson Family. They stayed at 2300 Jackson Street while our address was 2456 Jackson Street, roughly 15 houses down from ours.4. What was your first encounter with the law? Have you done jail time before now?

At the age of 16 I was deeply affiliated with a local street called the Quarter Boys, Formerly known as 2-5. That’s when my life got out of hand. At the age of 16, I started accumulating a juvenile history, charges ranging from murder to armed robbery, some of which I was acquitted which was the founding basis for my current charges.5. Can we touch on why are you here now?

I’ve been incarcerated for nearly 14 years now, steaming from an attempted murder.

6.  What was your religious beliefs before and what are your religious beliefs now?

Yes, I believe in a higher power. However, a younger O.C never gave much weight nor value towards religion despite my mothers teachings.7.   Do you have any children?

I am proud father of eight children with a more positive outlook on life. The seeds that my mother planted in me have come full circle.8.  What’s your outlook on life now?

I consist my life nowadays based on positivity and productivity, looking forward to giving back to the community I was raised in,and society as a whole to make the world a better place through love and harmony reaching all walks of life.9. So I hear you are in a movie, can you tell us about it?

I am a relevant actor who played Macon Diggs in a movie called, “O.G” produced by Madeleine Sackler films. Shoutout to Oscar award winner actor Jeffery Wright and Theothus Carter (Costar) for the great magic that we produced during filming it was a awesome experience!10. What was your childhood dream?

My childhood dream was to grow up and become a rapper. I used to jump off tables performing LL Cool J (I’m Bad) with no shirt in my mom’s living room. Move by move, lyric by lyric. Lol!11. Also I hear you are the founder of the Yike Movement, What’s Yike?

Yike/Yiking (Yik) verb- A way of life when you’re shining in such an extravagant way the people admire your swag, material possessions, status, or riches. So in other words,(I’m Yiking on em ).12. So is it true that you have a Yike Song to your movement?

Yea the song is called (Yike). It’s an uptempo song with a Yike Dance that anyone or anybody can do from your grandmother to the kids. Basically telling how I’m Yiking on em with my car, my girl, jewelry etc. Something anybody can relate to!

13. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?

To bring my mother back, give my kids a better me, and to leave prison life behind me as a journey to greatness.14.  What advice would you tell those younger than you?

Stay true to who and what you are. Everyone is blessed with God given talent, natural resources, and purpose. Find them!15.  Your last thoughts and shout outs?

I want to thank God for blessing me. And I want to send a special shoutout to my cousin (Big L) for keeping my mental sharp over the years, and my entire family, and my support team who believed in my dreams! Yike!…
V. Christopher Lane

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