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Hot Noize Introduces Lamborghini and Their 3X World Champion Milos Pavlovic

While it is a rarity to find someone living out their childhood dream, Milos Pavlovic is one exceptional exception. With a lifetime of hard work and dedication, the dream of his youth, to be a professional racecar driver, has manifested into his present-day reality.  The toy Lamborghinis that the 35-year-old, Italian native grew up playing with, have long been replaced with the real deal. In our interview, Milos revealed how nowadays, he finds himself behind the wheel of his swift and lustrous racecar, the roughly $250,000, 650 horsepower, Lamborghini Huracan.

The extraordinary story of Milos Pavlovic serves as a clear testament as to how a nurtured passion can lead to the promise of a fulfilled dream. For those who have closely followed Milos’ career, it is noted that he is much more than just a championship racecar driver. Instead, he is a source of inspiration to anyone groomed in humble beginnings. Milos is proof that the seemingly impossible, is indeed possible for anyone who is willing to put in the work.

Unlike most people, Milos began formulating his professional career at the youthful age of 9. Since then he has carved his place amongst the greats in racing, establishing an impressive record of over 100 wins. With such a prolific record, it was only a matter of time before the decorated athlete, who was the youngest Karting World Champion in 1996, caught the eye of the supercar manufacturer, Lamborghini in 2014. In Milos’ first year with Lamborghini, he beat out the competition as one-half of the PRO Class Champions of Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo World Final. Then, in the same year, he went on to solely claim the Lamborghini Super Trofeo European title. While I’m sure that it was refreshing to stand atop of the podiums as a part of the 2014 world class racing series, it was no new feat as Milos had also graced the world stage winning the World Series Lights title in 2004.

While Milos humbly expressed great pride in his accomplishments with Lamborghini during our interview, he was also quick to clarify that his career had not yet reached its peak. He emphatically stated that there was so much more to come from him and his evolving brand. Upon his future aspirations, one hope was to be a driving force in the world of Nascar. To position himself to accomplish that achievement in the United States, Milos enlisted the help of Bobby Morgan, founder of Elite Talent-Management Agency. Along with Mr. Morgan and a few other key players, Milos’ ultimate goal is to duplicate his European success in the United States and to continue to expand his global brand.

On a less serious note during our interview, over modest laughs, Milos and I agreed to the fact that he has successfully gained access to the land of supercars, where big boys get to play with big boy toys. Of course, not everyone, in fact, almost no one is entrusted to represent the prominent Lamborghini brand. However, Milos Pavlovic is one of the trusted few. He skillfully navigates the chic fleet worth hundreds of thousands of dollars with the same excitement harnessed from his youth when he played with the toy versions.  However, in 2014, Milos was all business when he joined forces with Lamborghini and took the wheel of the Gallardo, equipped with about 542 horsepower and a price tag of over $250, 000. Since the discontinuation of the Gallardo, Lamborghini enthusiasts find themselves in awe over the current models including the lighter and faster Huracan that Milos races, and the sporty Aventador worthy of its $400,000 price tag. To the person who rejoices at the idea of experiencing the power of 691 to 740 horsepower at the tip of their fingertips on the open roadway, the lavish Aventador is the supercar for you.

As we wrapped up our impromptu interview, Milos candidly shared with me what it takes for a person to become a Lamborghini, three-time, world-champion race car driver. The simple answer was to win…a lot.  The more complex answer was that it takes a lifetime of dedication, consistent winning, sponsors, and plenty of family support from a very young age.  He praised his immediate family, including his parents and older sister for getting him started on the right path early.  He fondly recalled how his family came together to help him build his first go-kart, which was purple.  Ironically, he keeps that monumental kart in his current car collection and refers to it as his Beast #1. In addition, Milos acknowledged the many sacrifices of his father who provided him with transportation to and from his events until he was around 15 years old. Today, Milos extends beyond his immediate family and includes his girlfriend as an integral part of his continued support system and means to success.

Although most of Milos’ memories on his road to success were indeed pleasant, before we closed out our interview, Milos thought it to be of great importance to include the fact that he had spent many years in the pursuit of becoming a renowned race car driver, on the negative side of things financially. However, as he continued to win and make a name for himself, eventually his pay caught up with his reputation, and now he is happy to state that he is very well compensated for his current skills and former sacrifices. So, to those who may be new to the world of chasing dreams, it would be wise to choose a dream that you would be willing to do for free. If Milos had to go unpaid, you might, too.

Like one of Milos Pavlovic’s most prolific influencers, Muhammad Ali, Milos is well on the road to creating a winning legacy. As Milos represents Lamborghini Automobili with great fervor now and for many years to come, his continued focus to be the best, makes the three-time, world champion racing driver one to watch closely.  For more on Milos Pavlovic and his current and future projects, please follow him on social media @formulasmilos.

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