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Josh Thornton is a photographer, graphic designer, and filmmaker from Philadelphia.

Growing up he was heavily influenced by music, art, and film.
His 13 year background as a personal trainer is what sets the tone for his
interest in encouraging people. Over the last 4 years Josh has been building
a body of photographic and film works that showcases people being authentic.
He is the founder of the brand, A Photography Thing where he hosts his
articles, images, interviews, and photography courses. His goal is to
develop a space where artists can tell their stories in a creative
and authentic way, and gain exposure.
Josh’s passion for teaching also stems from his background in fitness.
His photography courses can be found online, and he’s currently producing a string
of workshops throughout Philadelphia. In addition to his courses and workshops,
he has partnered with Quadrat Academy, a Montessori School in Philadelphia to teach film and photography to middle and high school students.
He’s currently based in Philadelphia, but his time spent working abroad in 2016 has inspired him to travel with his work.
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