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Kathryn Yancey

Kathryn Yancey is a creative entity who enjoys accentuating all things positive. She delights in utilizing her candid story telling skills to entertain through a variety of methods including writing, acting and producing. Her lighthearted, yet informative approach to educating and entertaining, makes her a very well-received, respectable and sought-after personality. Kathryn’s greatest aspiration is to assist people in transitioning to a greater quality of life with the ultimate goal being total wellness. According to Kathryn, every day is a great day to be healthy, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially and socially. She enjoys utilizing every platform and opportunity given to encourage all people to do what it takes to become their best selves.

In 2018, Kathryn will contribute a variety of programs as a part of the globally recognized Hot Noize family. You can look forward to her providing a great deal of content including exclusive interviews with names and brands such as Lamborghini’s, Milos Pavlovic, and many more of her famous friends. In addition she will premiere her non-scripted shows Getting and Staying Married, Judge Not, The 12 Week Pound Down Project, and Naturally Unfiltered. To allow her audience to get to know her on a more personal level, Kathryn regularly shares what’s on her heart in her inspirational blog, In The Key Of Positive ( and her dating blog, Diligently Dating ( Diligently Dating also has an independent website, Her books Diligently Dating: Single Lady Tales, In The Key of Positive: 30 Days of Motivation, and Pound Down: To Get Your Body, You Must Get Your Life, will be available in book forms including e-book, print, and audio in January 2018.

To stay on top of Kathryn’s new releases and projects, you should visit and follow @ky_worldwide on social media. She can be contacted directly at

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