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Marissa Rose Marie

I started modeling when I was 16. My mother was a beautiful model that did runway and bridal shows. My twin and I at the age of 5 started modeling with her, which motivated and inspired me to model. I want to show the world natural beauty from the inside, not just the outside appearances. Everything on my body is real and I worked hard for it. I love expressing my emotions and personality through my images. I take it seriously but face fun at the same time. I learned to love myself and accept myself. I attended modeling school at the Barbizon of Akron Ohio. It taught me everything I needed to know about that industry. My goal is to bring love and respect into women’s hearts. Give them the wisdom to respect and protect their treasure/dignity. My favorite style photoshoot is lifestyle and fitness, bikini and lingerie. I don’t do nude. I’m a country girl at heart but love exploring the city by dancing and tasting delicious food.

~Marissa Rose Marie~

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