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NIck’s Tech News

As we end the near of the first quarter, let’s take a look at what’s trending in today’s technology. First on the list, is Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S9 and S9+ models, released last month. Early reviews are calling the phone a serious rival to Apple’s iPhone X. Coming in at $719 it’s slightly lesser than the iPhone X’s $1000 price tag. Critics claim it’s a nice upgrade for old Androids, but S8 owners can wisely skip.

Speaking of Apple, last week Apple released a big update to it’s operating system. iOS 11.3 is a major update that introduces a long list of new features. Some new features included battery health and performance settings, four new Animojis, Business Chat and Health Records betas, just to name a few. Apple also fine tunes several software bugs that affects the phones usage. So to all Apple users, head over to the settings tab and select general and then software update to take advantage of these new features.

One of today’s most popular choice to listen to music, is to stream it. The demand for music availability has grown due to the smartphone era. Users no longer want to download huge mp3 files or carry microSD cards, just to listen to their favorite jams. Nowadays it’s much easier to subscribe to a music streaming service. Such services offer an extensive library of music as well as saving space on smartphones by not having to download it. The popular music streaming service, Spotify, is making its name onto Wall Street. Move over mp3’s Spotify valued at nearly $30 Billion in it’s Wall Street Debut. Talk about an impressive birthday.

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