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Queen Ash

Welcome! Let me introduce my self…..QueenAsh

It was March 8th at 6:05p.m. when my phone dinged, and a non-assuming opportunity wafted across my lap and I was asked if I wanted to be a beauty blogger for a magazine! I was honestly shocked! I have always been in the category of the “wish I could do that” dreamer. Sure, I have talked about starting a YouTube channel or internet blog countless time before. I have visualized women reading my articles and feeling the way I felt when I read Terry McMillan, or when I watch Jackie Aina’s YouTube channel, but I never thought I would get the opportunity to share my voice and perspective with the world. When [KP] Greene sent me the casual text,         “Hey, want to be the beauty blogger for the magazine?,” I immediately knew it was a door the universe was opening up to me and I couldn’t say no; So I responded with a nonchalant “yeah, sure” or something like that all the while on the inside I was screaming and jumping up and down! (I think to myself sometimes: why don’t I outwardly express the first instinct I have to jump and scream for joy when the universe [messes] with me; but that’s another article for another day). I doubt that she knew how much this opportunity would mean to me, but dear sweet baby Jesus I was excited!

The beauty industry is my passion, it is my creative outlet, it is my way of connecting with women while also giving me a space to share myself with others. For the last 8 years I have worked as a freelance makeup artist in Chicago partnering with modeling agencies such as Ford and BMG, to name a few. I have mentored 50 young ladies as well as had the pleasure of servicing a few celebrities, photographers and private clients. This industry has afforded me to opportunity to experience working on an outdoor photo shoot in 20-degree weather on the lake front of Chicago, to servicing a 10-person bridal party and I am doing the makeup and hair for all the ladies including the bride! I have loved it all. Chicago is home, it made me the “get through it grit” artist that I am today, [and] I wouldn’t change a thing. However, I needed a change of environment, a hoped to find a fresh perspective and hopefully the chance to pioneer new challenging opportunities. I didn’t have to look far to see that ATL was the perfect place for a young black female beauty-aficionado to continue to develop her brand and grow as an artist.

I hope my blog affords me opportunity to uplift, inspire, challenge and be challenged. I want women of color, mainly African American women to find my blog a place to be celebrated and understood, where all shapes, sizes, hair textures and skin tones are welcomed. I hope to highlight all the many different tones, shades and hues it takes to create the beauty that is the black woman. QueenAsh is a mantra, it’s a thought that champions us as women to walk, rise and welcome our God-given gift to shine.

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