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Today has been tough. It’s been one of those days where you aren’t sure if you are going to make it through; one of those days where you feel like the world around you and the world beyond you are falling apart at the seams and there is nothing you can do. Your schedule is hectic, your stress level is at an all-time high, and your relationships seem to be in a constant strain. You wake up daily to see more bad news, more hate, and more uncertainty being poured into life by the moment. Where do we turn during times like this? What is our solace on tough days like this? How do we make it through to tomorrow?

It is important to remember that these bad days, these hard times, these heavy struggles are all temporary happenings. Days, times, and struggles, no matter how painful or daunting they may seem are finite; they have a lifespan. The current experience you’re going through could be either minor or it could be permanently life-changing, but it will not last forever. It’s also important to know that a looming sight of disturb or struggle, brings the other side of things; something better or happier to look forward to. Just like after the most brutal storms, there will always be sunshine. Always. When darkening clouds are overhead, when the fiercest winds chafe your cheeks, when the coldest days have you shivering, the sun is somewhere behind all of that stormy blur. And the storm in your life today always has sunshine and light on the other side of it tomorrow.

You see, the hard times are truly necessary, for without them, we would not find so much value and hope in the good ones… and often we don’t. We take advantage of the great days, the easy times, the ones that aren’t marked with pain or strife. Why is that? If we change our perspective, we can find gain through pain, and sheer bliss on an “average-just-okay-day.”

If today brings a season of difficulty, hurt, anger, or uncertainty, look around and find one single thing that you can be thankful for today. Just one! Maybe it’s a loved one you have the privilege to come home to every night. Maybe it’s that cup of mediocre drip coffee that got you through your meetings this morning. Maybe it’s the fact that you walked by a bush of blooming flowers that just opened up bursting with pinks above a sea of dark green leaves. Look around yourself, think about it, and find something wonderful! And be thankful for that one thing that maybe not everyone in the world experienced today. Gratitude can be a game changer to any season.

Sometimes, it seems like the bad outweighs the good, that it’s hard to even keep your head above water. But you can, and you will. Struggles bring strength, and our pain can always bring power, and our hurting can be someone else’s healing. Use your struggles and your bad days as platforms to work through the tough stuff. Because the dawn of a new morning always brings a fresh start, a born-again beginning, and the pain or struggle of yesterday or today never has to define your tomorrow. You are here. You are whole. You are enough.

Remember that and revel in that. It’s a gift that tomorrow won’t be the same as today. Be ever grateful for that! Even if your pain or struggle of today lasts a week, a month, or even for a year or more, it does have a lifespan and will not be your forever. Find the thanks, and find the place for that new beginning to blossom. You never know what’s waiting on the other side of your storm… and what a wonderfully exciting mystery that can be.




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