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Smokepurpp Drops Three New Songs

Earlier this week, Smokepurpp put out a smartphone game called Deadstar: The Game that was soundtracked by a collection of unreleased music. Honestly, the game looked pretty fun. Very on-brand for Smokepurpp, it featured his floating head bouncing around tombstones and collecting Xanax bars for something called “Xanny Mode.” Genius marketing.

Anyway, for those of you who didn’t download the game (or wanted to listen to the songs without draining your battery), Smokepurpp’s label Alamo Records put “Bih,” “Drop Top,” and “Can’t Pick Up” on SoundCloud this afternoon. As usual, they’re drugged-out, rebellious anthems. “Bih” shows his harder side, while the other two are mellow Auto-Tune’d cuts.


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