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  • NewshotnoizeMay 31, 2018
  • Parish Nation

    For years, the hip clothing industry has fallen from its traditional way of commercializing and trend settings, yet Parish Nation has...

    NewshotnoizeMay 31, 2018
  • Let’s Pound Down

    Sometimes in the pursuit of losing weight, and more specifically fat, we may find ourselves discouraged way more than we’d like...

    NewshotnoizeMay 22, 2018
  • Inspirational Vitamin

    “Niya Brown Matthews is easily one of Atlanta’s most dynamic businesswomen taking the world by storm. The world may know her...

    LifestyleshotnoizeApril 16, 2018
  • Hot Noize Developing Roku Channel

    Hot Noize Media & Entertainment will launch its Network on the popular Roku platform during first quarter 2018. The channel lineup...

    NewshotnoizeOctober 14, 2017
  • Hot Noize Entertainment Magazine

    NewshotnoizeNovember 15, 2017
  • Get to Know Famerica’s Jean D’eau

    Mu’min Muzik / Famerica recording artist Jean D’eau is a southern lyricist born and raised on the streets of Atlanta, Ga....

    MusichotnoizeApril 15, 2018
  • New Artist AUX Drops New Single “Hottest All Around”

    New Artist AUX Drops New Single “Hottest All Around” Featuring Mixo Plex, Produced by Mixo Plex  

    MusichotnoizeFebruary 15, 2018
  • Old Skool Sundays

    Atlanta hip-hop royalty celebrates ‘Old Skool Sundays’ at book release event New book captures meteoric rise of Atlanta’s rap scene with...

    MusichotnoizeFebruary 10, 2018
  • Stone Temple Pilots Announce New Singer

    Stone Temple Pilots have announced a new singer, Jeff Gutt, and shared a new song, “Meadow.” The band’s former vocalist Scott...

    MusichotnoizeNovember 14, 2017

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