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  • Frank Lucas Jr.

    Frank Lucas Jr. is a noted rapper and songwrite; he is the son of the character portrayed in the movie with...

    MusichotnoizeSeptember 15, 2017
  • I Am One Of A Kind

    I Am One of A Kind is a fusion of Rythm & Blues with Hip Hop evoking emotion filled songs that...

    MusichotnoizeSeptember 15, 2017
  • NickeFresh

    NickeFresh is a Philadelphia raised rapper and entrepreneur. Releasing his new single “Girls Go” early summer 2018 along with his debut...

    MusichotnoizeSeptember 15, 2017
  • The Big Take Over

    Since 2007, the New York six-piece The Big Takeover has been fulfilling the mission implied in their name: packing clubs in...

    MusichotnoizeSeptember 1, 2017
  • Music 01

    Music 01

    UncategorizedmdditMarch 30, 2017
  • Music 02

    Music 02

    UncategorizedmdditMarch 30, 2017
  • Music 03

    Music 03

    UncategorizedmdditMarch 30, 2017
  • Music 04

    Music 04

    UncategorizedmdditMarch 30, 2017
  • Which boy band launched an eyewear collection?

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    UncategorizedhotnoizeApril 16, 2015
  • Kendrick Lamar engaged to high school sweetheart

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    UncategorizedhotnoizeApril 9, 2015

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