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The Live City Show

“Bronx-bred but raised by these ATL streets, you don’t get no hotter than your new host for thee realest new show on Hot Noize Radio!

*Coming at you direct*  KEEPIN’ IT REALER THAN REAL,  meet your new host for “The Live City Show,” City!

Right off, it’s clear he inspires the phrase, “funky fresh, dressed to impress, READY TO PARTY”! But don’t just look at the cover, there’s more than just swag that makes him hot! Known to closest friends and family as “Christopher Mungin,” yet better known as City, he has been making moves and leaving his mark for almost a decade. First, earning his degree in business from Western Washington University, that was the start of his fast track. While maintaining an open ear to music and staying relevant within the industry, City began to explore other interests and eventually started Innovative Design and Co., which specializes in advertising/marketing. [Additionally,] City is the loving and proud father of 2, a prince and princess, and says he credits his work ethic and efforts to not only his drive and determination to “BE GREAT,” but also his need to show his kids where being goal-oriented and driven can [take] you! In City’s case, that’s straight to the top.

City’s mission, short and simple, “authentiCITY.” He wants to really show his audience, “being you is where it’s at, just be real with yourself,otherwise you can’t be real with anybody else.”

“It’s levels to this HOTT” andCity’s guaranteed to bring that fire!

So, if you’re not ready, get ready! Talk the realest talk with the realest guy hitting your airwaves…giving you what’s hot in music, life, and entertainment while exposing the real innews and politics. CITY is a blueprint for the everyday man trying to make it in today’s world, let him show you the way…”


You can catch “The Live City Show,” on The All New HOT NOIZE RADIO, Monday – Friday from 10a-1pm on

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