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Yung Will

The MIDWEST has a bonified hit artist that has now emerged on the scene and YUNG WILL
has plans to dominate. This artist is not just your ordinary rap artist, he is an extraordinary
talent! YUNG WILL is a collaboration of 4 unique elements; Determination, Swag, Street
Smarts, and Hunger. William Michael Fitzpatrick was born March 6, 1994 in Middleburg Heights,
Ohio, 30 minutes outside of Cleveland. At 3 months of age, his parents then moved to
Cleveland which became and still is YUNG WILL’S stomping grounds.

YUNG WILL experienced trying times with being the youngest of five. With an early departure of
his dad at such a young age, Will’s mother became the backbone of the family as well as his
biggest supporter. Struggling with behavior and balance in Cleveland’s urban jungles, YUNG
WILL wanted more and began to spark his crafty flow rhyming with friends at the age of 15.
Being inspired by some of the legendaries such as Michael Jackson, of course the hometown
artist BONE THUGS AND HARMONY, Kanye West, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Drake, T.I, Kendrick
Lamar, etc.. he maintained to create a new modern hip hop sound.

Now with him expanding to seek broarder opportunities, YUNG WILL now has teamed up with
the new 160 ENTERTAINMENT AND MANAGEMENT Group which consists of experienced
professionals and almost 2 decades of flawless accomplishments in different industries. His
music content and beat selection is a mix of hip hop/new school with an old school twist as well
as appealing to pop and rock cultures. His live shows exemplifies a pounding non-stop energy
accompanied with hard 808 beats and catchy metaphors that the crowds seems to always

This artist YUNG WILL is a real force to be reckoned with. Look out for his Mixtape
“PROHIBITION MUZIK” and the first 2 singles which will be announced right before summer of
2017, as well as many more EP’s and projects to come. YUNG WILL IS GUARANTEED TO


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